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A Bit About Our Dedicated Staff

We are proud of our staff here at T.L.C.  Take a few minutes to learn a bit more about us!  You will find our staff has many special talents - a few are listed below!

bulletData Specialist

bulletAC Certifications

bulletElectrical Specialists

bulletFuel Injection Technicians

bulletWreckMaster Certifications

It has been said that one should refrain from wearing a hat too much if they are concerned about hair loss.  Perhaps Dan has a valid complaint as he wears three hats for T.L.C. Auto: 

bullet  Shop Manager

bullet  Mechanic

bullet  Tow Truck Driver

Dan has been with the T.L.C. Auto family since 1995. He and his wife Mary are the parents of two children.  His son seems to be following in his father's footsteps as he enjoys coming into the shop and learning all he can to help his Dad out in his work (he helps out during the summer).  His daughter, basically, runs the family.

Mac wears the hats of both mechanic and tow truck driver.  He had his own trucking business before deciding to join the T.L.C. family in 2002. He worked for us part-time before our move to the larger facility, but now that he has the room to do his thing, he has begun working full-time.
bulletMac is very professional and enjoys helping others. He tries to be very courteous and his smiling face is a welcomed sight when helping our stranded customers.
bulletMac's wife Debbie is a nurse for one of our local physician's offices. He is the father of five children, one married daughter, two teenage sons (whew) and younger twin daughters. Their oldest daughter has given them a wonderful grandson who is, needless to say, the apple of grandpa's eye.

The T.L.C family would not be complete without the assistance and dedication of Dustin Park, James' nephew.  Dustin is still in high school at this time, but  has been hanging around the shop since he was in middle school. He enjoys working and knows how to tow and use the big trucks.  T.L.C can hardly wait until Dustin is able to receive his CDL and actually be behind the wheel of the big rigs.  In the mean time, Dustin works as many hours as he can in the shop, learning the ropes.  Whenever there is work to be done, he jumps in and does what needs to be done to "Git' R Done! We are extremely proud of his ability to work hard to earn a paycheck in his spare time. 



Tim has three gown children two boys and a daughter.  All of his kids are very athletic and keep Tim busy trying to keep up with their sports throughout each season. So he has plenty of practice running here and there which keeps him in top shape to keep pace with the busy shop at T.L.C.  Tim has 15 years experience  in certified mechanical work, which includes diesel engines.   He joined our T.L.C. family in May of 2007. He seems to fit right in and we are proud to have his expertise associated with our company.  Having the best mechanics on staff is one of our mottos - and Tim completes the team of mechanics available to you!  His kids have three dogs and live in town. He is kept busy being a good soccer dad and also enjoying his passion for hunting and fishing when time allows. Has a good sense of humor and enjoys his life, I'm sure that with his experience in fishing he probably is capable of telling a few fish stories!! (watch for more fish stories on our website!!) 

Tim is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that all vehicles are repaired and ready to go as quick as possible with a smile.   Stop by and visit with Tim when you are in town!


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