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Our Distinguished Board of Directors
Kooki Jur ChangLei:   Kooki joined the TLC staff in 1990.  Her leadership to the additional office staff has proved invaluable.  She continually demonstrates to the other staff members the need to provide the owners with care and love.

bulletHead CEO of Office Staff

bulletSiesta Research and Development

bulletADA Compliance Manager

Partially blind, and deaf, Kooki has a special place in the office by managing the ADA compliance of the TLC family.    Kooki tests out her  loyalty training on the owner, James, consulting continually in how to improve the canine resource management techniques of the staff.   She is an extremely loyal staff member and works diligently at her position, which mainly involves testing the proper siesta schedule for the rest of the office staff.

Zoee, Irish Wolfhound


Grounds Maintenance


Human Resource Management

 Zoee is one of our Irish Wolfhounds, she is astute as our grounds keeper, removing all rocks, asphalt and anything else that appears out of place on the grounds.  Has a tendency to eat all she locates as non-essential.  Zoee is a fantastic human resource manager, greeting all and welcoming vast amounts of hugs and snuggles from customers and employees.

Zoee  believes that in order to really oversee the staff you must travel around.  She is frequently seen with her head out of the window surveying the grounds, staff, and customers.  Zoee also  provides the following services to the T.L.C. Auto family:

bulletPersonal Human Resource Counseling

bulletSelective Food Services

bulletGrounds Surveillance

Zoee carefully oversees the staff eater, only selecting the best in food services for the office staff.  She is also very much a part of our human resource initiative providing James with comfort and cuddles when needed, or not. She is not quick to provide others with this service, as she feels it is most imperative that the owners first receive this  resource of canine touch.   

Bayli and Samson are siblings that turned one in 2007.  They enjoy being at work and love to see the people that stop by the HR department. They are from Texas, where they "grow them big"! Samson is 160 lbs. and Bayli is 130 lbs.  These two both are very loving and enjoy going for rides  (that air in your face has a special meaning when you are their size!) and are in the process of training the rest of the office staff to their own Texan brand of Human Resource Management.


bulletTraining human personnel  in the office how to recognize Texan canine drawls and  verbiage for breaks and food service. 

bulletGuarding the office supplies:  Sometimes the office personnel use too much paper!  Bayli and Samson are very tuned into guarding the cost effectiveness of these supplies for T.L.C.

Sasha, the staff  German Husky mix,  is the most diligent worker on our staff.  Highly regarded as the calm in the storm - except when there is a storm.  She leads the staff by demonstrating a high regard for obedience and good work ethics.   Sasha is highly regarded for her following services to the T.L.C. Auto family:

Head CEO of Canine rescue management

bulletObedience and work ethic manager

bulletWeather surveillance and warning system

Sasha was adopted a few years back to save her life.  She has continued to return her gratitude to TLC and it's staff many times over.  Her loving, calm nature sets a great precedence for all who enter the office oval.    

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